Achim von Lorne was born in Thüringen (Central Germany), in January of 1939.  He received his training as a musician and bassoonist in the cities of Weimar and München.  He played bassoon for the Radio-Symphonic Orchestra of Baviera for forty years.  His curriculum includes countless concert and chamber music tours, within and outside Germany.  For a time he taught bassoon at the Higher School of Music in München, and in that context he developed some compositions.  He retired from his orchestra position in 2002.


Variaçġes sobre um tema natalino*    Variations on a Christmas Theme *

Trio Breve I*    Brief Trio I *

Trio Breve II*    Brief Trio II *

(para 3 fagotes)    (for 3 bassoons)


When Hary Schweizer was still a bassoon student in München, Germany, his professor, Achim von Lorne embarked on a creative journey with the idea of generating the possibility for some of his students to play music together.  The Variations on a Christmas Theme where an opportunity to celebrate a typically German family Christmas at the home of friends; the performance of Brief Trios I and II at the house of a visual artists brought Hary Schweizer his first artistic return for activity as a bassoonist, an engraving was offered as payment.


Achim von Lorne, Hary Schweizer and Michael Bartl, in 1976 at the debut of BRIEF TRIOS


* first recordings of works

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translation: DENISE MILSTEIN