BENNY WOLKOFF (1921-1995)

Elias Benjamin Wolkoff, better known by the artistic name of BENNY, was born in Recife, in the year 1921.  He initiated his musical education at eight years of age, standing out for his talent and precociousness; at the age of seventeen he played Mendelssohnís Concert, Opus 64, as soloist for the Symphonic Orchestra of Recife.  At twenty-one, he moved to Rio de Janeiro where he worked at the Urca Casino, a place of intense musical activity at the time, where nationally renowned musicians performed.  He studied with Jaime Diniz and Guerra Peixe with whom he developed a close friendship.  He worked at the Conservatory of Music in Fortaleza and Recife and was principal second violinist for the Orchestra of Recife. Benny Wolkoff passed away in Recife in 1995 due to respiratory complications.



Choro (bassoon, piano, drums)


Choro based on the authorís version for cello and piano, whoís original is for woodwind quintet

translation: DENISE MILSTEIN