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Born in Águas de Lindóia, he began his musical studies there, and experimented with various instruments.  He was guided by various professors (Paulo Justi, Alejandro Aizemberg, Afonso Venturieri, Clovis Franco), and graduated with a degree in bassoon performance at the University of Brasília under the instruction of Hary Schweizer.  With positions in various orchestras, including that of contrabassoonist at the OSESP, he received a scholarship from “Vitae” for training in Bassoon with Noël Devos in Rio de Janeiro; he was “semi-finalist” in the Eldorado Music Competition.  He also has experience as composer and conductor, with awards for works he composed.  He was assistant conductor for the Symphonic Orchestra of Goiânia and professor of Recorder at the School of Music and Scenic Arts of the Federal University of Goiás.  He currently plays in the Symphonic Orchestra of the Cláudio Santoro National Theater, the Quintet Ensemble of Brasília, conductor of the band and bassoon professor at the Brasília School of Music.

translation: DENISE MILSTEIN