intérpretes do CD "Com licença!..."


Born in Lisbon (Portugal), Marques received an undergraduate degree in Music from the University of Brasília in 2004.  He has played with Johnny Alf, Otávio Burnier, Hildo, Paulo Russo, Zé Neto Pascoal.  He has played in Rio de Janeiro nightclubs (People, Un Deux Trois, Mistura Fina).  He performed in musicals with Regina Casé and Luiz Fernando Guimarães.  He has toured abroad and throughout MERCOSUR.  In 2000, he performed at the Thomas Jefferson house with North American bassoonist Janet Grice and pianist Armen Donelian.  He has executed experimental works on various occassions with atypical ensembles, following the example of the Bassoon, Piano and Percussion Trio experiment, which led to the concrete result of the “Com licença!” CD.  In 2002 and 2003 he was dedicated to alternative rock, performing with a  drums, percussion, cavaquinho, eletric bass and guitar quintet.  He is often invited to participate in locally produced CDs.  Since 1992 he has been professor of Percussion of the CEPEMB (Center for Professional Education’s School of Music of Brasília) where he has developed artistic and educational projects.


SHIS Cond. Estância Del Rey, casa 42 -Lago Sul

71680-611 - Brasília - D.F.

Fone: 61 9217 8011

translation: DENISE MILSTEIN