IDRS, vol.22 n.1 - 1999


Thanks to Evansville University bassoonist and longtime IDRS member Ed Lacy, the internet has been able to compile the following List of Bassoon Manufactures active since WW II, or who made earlier bassoons still in use during that period. This does not include makers of period instruments.

 * active manufactures

Brazil: Schweizer*

Canada: Bell*

China: Lark*, Xinghai*, (and Alamo), (Kohlert?)

Czech Republic: Kohlert (originally in Moravia, then in Germany, now Moosman, the Kohlert name is now owned by a company in China), Amati*

France: Buffet-Crampon* (french system), Selmer* (french system), Cabart (both French and German systems)

Germany: Heckel* (and Opus), Püchner* (plus Püchner/Cooper and Jubilee), Moosman*, Adler Sonora*, Schreiber*,Moennig*, Mollenhauer*, Guntram Wolf*, Rudolf Walter*, Hüller (formely East Germany), Wunderlich, Zuleger (Schreiber), Penzelmueller, Armin (?), Meinhart(?), TAM (?), R. Lange (Wiesbaden).

Italy: Chiassarini, Silloli (French system bassoons and contras)

Japan: Yamaha*

UK: Soulsby*, Howarth*,Boosey & Hawkes (originally made some of their own, since ca. 1980 parent company and distributor of Schreiber), Lafleur (?).

USA: Fox* (and Renard), Linton*, (now operating independently again, after the company has been bought by Armstrong and the trade name phased out. Some early ones were Schreibers), Lesher* (now owned by Selmer), Armstrong* (Linton was bought by Armstrong, now a part of Conn/UMI), Artley* (now also a Conn/UMI brand name), R.W. MacGibbon, Polisi (Kohlert), Kroner/Cooper (Adler), Mirafone (Schreiber), Conn (Lesher, some early ones by Fox, Riedl, Schreiber and Kohlert), Selmer/Signet/Bundy (Lesher, but originally they made some of their own, then bought Lesher), Guy Humphrey (Schreiber), Berdon (Schreiber), Ponte (Chasserini, a few possibly Schreiber), Hugo Rauner (Püchner)

Nationality or actual manufacturer unconfirmed: La Sete, Rene Duval, Romaine Braude (may be Kohlert), Corton.

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